PT Multi Sinar Adamar

New Era for Indonesia's Electronic Medical Record

Sep 22, 22

               Medical records are an inseparable part of a health service. In the development of the era, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) must be owned by healthcare facilities and this is described in the newest regulation of the Minister of Health Number 24 of 2022 about Medical Records. This does not only apply to hospitals, but other health service facilities such as doctor's practices, health centers, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and others.

               However, the implementation of EMR is usually not supported by an efficient process. For example, in a hospital, after a visit, the doctor usually will not immediately write down the results of the examination on the EMR, but the doctor will visit other patients. This of course will allow for errors in writing the EMR because all the patients who visited were piled up. In addition, if the doctor writes down the EMR after each patient's examination on the nurse station's computer, then this will waste time and energy because they have to go around in the ward.

               PT. Multi Sinar Adamar provides solutions to help streamline the process of implementing this EMR. The Medication and Documentation Trolley product from Capsa Healthcare can help not only the efficiency of EMR implementation, but also the efficiency of the drug administration process carried out by nurses. In addition, this trolley can be added to a storage area for drugs with a choice of central locking or individual locking.