PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Data Controller :

PT. Multi Sinar Adamar

Ruko Gading Bukit Indah

Jalan Bukit Gading Raya Blok L nomor 27

Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara

DKI Jakarta - Indonesia 14240

+6221 - 2974 5760



  1. Visitor's Name
  2. Visitor's Company/Institution
  3. Visitor's Complete Address
  4. Visitor's Contact such as email, phone number
  5. Visitor's Interested and Purpose of Visit

Multi Sinar Adamar will not asking outside of visitor's information above, unless the visitor's give more information willingly to Multi Sinar Adamar to gain their purpose of visiting or Multi Sinar Adamar required the information for helping the visitors.


  1. All the visitor's information data is stricly confidential and stored in Multi Sinar Adamar
  2. Multi Sinar Adamar does not provide or sell any of this information to third parties
  3. All the information provided by visitor's only use for sales and marketing program of Multi Sinar Adamar and give the feedback, responds, services through to the visitor's



  1. All the files and content are registered and related to Multi Sinar Adamar supporting, services, sales and marketing program
  2. All the files and content only use for bussiness purpose from Multi Sinar Adamar



  1. Visitor's could change, revise, updated, asking for delete all information data that they had input by contacting Multi Sinar Adamar
  2. Multi Sinar Adamar internally limit the access to all the data information inside the website such as files and visitor's information 
  3. All the files, information and data are secured and protected in Multi Sinar Adamar Trusted Systems by using firewall or other technical measures.