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ReImagine Healthcare at RKZ - From Outpatient Pharmacy to Operating Theatre Pharmacy

Nov 21, 23

Started at 2021, RKZ installed the biggest machine in Indonesia to increase their quality of services, which parts of Hospitals vision, to become Full Digital Hospital. They have been successful using Automated Dispensing Machine - Consis B5 in Outpatient Pharmacy, now they are moving to digitalized Operating Theatre (OT/OR) Pharmacy by using Stockart - Automated Dispensing Cabinet. StockArt will help them to computerize all their transaction from receiving the order until transaction return. The focus on documentation the process will help them to tracing all the medication and supplies and also increase the accuration of the usage, return and waste of every patient order which came from the prescription. In the end, they will got improvement for controlling their inventory by reducing the value of stocks. On the other hands, by increasing the accuration of medication and supplies for every prescription, the hospitals can controlling more efficiency for the usage cost and it will impact to precise patient billing. The other side, StockArt will defined very clear and supporting about the roles between pharmacist and nurses. The pharmacy will getting easier to handle stocks while nurses no need to worry more about handling the medication or supplies.

RKZ Surabaya always keep moving to reimagine their healthcare services especially in Pharmacy Department. "Reimagining healthcare is an ongoing process that requires collaboration and innovation from all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, policymakers, and technology companies". We are truly honorable to become one of the chosen and trusted partner by RKZ Surabaya. In the end, we put our commitment to always learn and increase our services - starting from Analyzing, Training, and do After Sales Services and keep insure the quality of the products and solutions for Hospital Pharmacy in Indonesia. Put your TRUST at Adamar and Lets reimagine healthcare ToGether!