PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Two Pillars to Support Lean Hospital Concept

Sep 21, 20

Lean Management in the sense refers to a technique developed with the aim of minimizing process waste and maximizing the value of a product or service to customers, without reducing quality. Lean systems are applied in many fields, one of which is in the field of health services (hospitals) or commonly known as Lean Hospital.

Lean Hospital is one way to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the hospital by reducing unworthy activities and increasing value activities.

According to Mark Graban in his 2nd edition of 2009, there are 2 pillars to support the lean process running smoothly, namely:

  • Total Elimination Of Waste
  • Respect Of People

Total Elimination Of Waste  is eliminating process activities that have no value in the hospital, here are 8 waste that can be identified:

  1. Defect - The time it takes to do something wrong, check for errors, or correct mistakes

  2. Over Productions - Doing more than what the customer needs or doing it earlier than necessary

  3. Transportation - Movement of products that are not needed in the system (patient, specimen, material)

  4. Waiting - until the next event or job is finished

  5. Inventory - The cost of excess inventory in finance costs, storage and moving costs, damaged production, discarded production

  6. Motion - The movement of employees that are not needed in a system

  7. Over Processing - Doing work that the customer does not value, or because the definition of quality is not adapted to the patient's needs

  8. Human Potential - The waste and cost of not empowering employees, listening to their ideas, or supporting their careers

Respect To People is a way to encourage employees to be motivated and to do better work in a constructive way.

If these pillars can be implemented properly, the changes that will occur are a decrease in hospital costs, patient satisfaction and safety will increase.

Lean Hospital conclusions from hospital management

Lean hospital management is more often applied in health services which aim to increase productivity and reduce waiting time and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Hospitals and other businesses in the healthcare field will have to develop into modern companies to survive this fast-changing industrial future. Hospital management implementing lean hospital offers leaders many possibilities for setting up professional, process-driven health care organizations.