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Bedside Verification in your Hand

Sep 10, 20

Accuracy of giving drugs to patients is something that must be done. Computerized patient identification can be an option to support this accuracy. Mednest comes with a barcode scanner and a medical drawer that is computerized, this can encourage patient safety. Matching the patient's identity with the medicine that has been prescribed by the doctor can be done accurately and quickly at the patient's bedside. We can call this match as Bedside Verification.

Bedside Verification is a medical administration method that supports services to reduce medication errors. Ensuring identification of the patient along with the drugs to be given, verification of allergy that the patient has, double-checking the dosage of drugs to be given, this is done by using the patient's electronic medical record.

The importance of Bedside Verification for patients.

  1. Bedside Verification is an automation method as a way to improve patient safety (Patient Safety) and prevent medical errors (Medication Error).
  2. By reducing the number of medical errors, it can reduce the cost of handling these medical errors.
  3. Bedside Verification ensures that patient identification with the medication / prescription given can be recorded in its entirety including the hours of treatment.
  4. With Bedside Verification, patient medical documents can be accessed electronically (e-medical record). This can make it easier for the hospital to manage patient data.

Supporting products for Bedside Verification

There are products that can support Bedside Verification with its sophistication. MedNest is an electronic drawer that can help doctor / nurse services when conducting inpatient visitations, combined with Capsa healthcare with its flexibility to be used as a means of computer mobility.

Procedure for using Mednest Drawer with Capsa Healthcare Medical cart.

In conducting patient visitations, doctors / nurses need a Capsa Medical Cart and MedNest Electronic Drawer as a means of mobility for electronic records on the computer. To prevent misidentification of patients in treatment and administration of drugs, doctors / nurses can scan a barcode on the patient's wristband, so the patient's identification information will appear on the computer screen.

In addition, the MedNest Drawer is computerized in a sophisticated design. MedNest electronic drawer consists of 7 drawers that have advanced features, namely a computerized lock that will not open manually. Each drawer can be used for the name of the patient to be visited and can be adjusted before each visit. When the doctor / nurse scans the barcode on the patient's bracelet, only the patient's drawer will open, the others will remain locked so that the patient will receive the medicine / prescription as prescribed without worrying about being confused or opening the drawer incorrectly. After verifying the patient's identity, you can verify the drug to be given, namely by scanning the barcode on the drug to be given. Then the computer will confirm that the drug has been given to the patient on the day, date and time recorded automatically.

This sophistication helps doctors / nurses prevent medication errors during the process of documenting, administering drugs and recording status. In addition, the process of recording and prescribing drugs can be done right away, saving time by simplifying light work.