PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Automation in Unit Dose Dispensing for more Efficient and Better Patient Care

Feb 28, 23

The Unit Dose Dispensing (UDD) is one of the drug distribution systems for patients recommended by the Regulation of Minister of Health number 72 of 2016 concerning Pharmaceutical Service Standards in Hospitals. UDD provides many benefits, among others :

1. The distribution of drugs to patients can be streamlined because when there is a change in therapy, they can be immediately accommodated for the next drug administration.

2. Reducing the incidence of drug returns to the pharmacy because drugs are no longer used or drugs are replaced with other drugs.

3. Reducing the costs that must be borne by the hospital in the drug preparation process

4. Efficient work time that must be carried out by nurses and pharmacists so that they can focus more on serving patients.

            However, besides the advantages above, UDD also has weaknesses. The need for human resources are quite large to prepare medicines and medical devices for patients. In addition, UDD also requires a lot of time, so it can cause HR fatigue and increase the possibility of medication errors.

            PT. Multi Sinar Adamar provides hospitals with solutions for UDD process efficiency. PillPick® is a tool that assists the UDD process starting from the preparation process (cutting the drug and packing it in Unit Dose packaging), providing identity to the drug packaging (drug name, expiry date, batch number and barcode), storing the drug, and dispensing the drug in accordance with a doctor's prescription by taking all the drugs, providing additional information such as the patient's name, date of birth and room number, then the drugs will be combined in a patient ring. This process, which assisted by PillPick®, will help human resources in hospitals to focus more on serving patients and reduce the possibility of medication errors.