PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Automation for High Quality Pharmacy Services

Nov 15, 22

                 Pharmacy services are an important part of a hospital with various kinds of problems inside of it. The most common problem found in it is the long waiting time . This can be caused by many things, ranging from inefficient service processes, too much waste in patient care, and a lack of human resources to perform optimal pharmacy services.

               One way that can be done to reduce waiting time at the hospital is to automate the pharmacy service process. The use of an Automated Dispensing Machine is one way to solve this problem. The combination between Automated Dispensing Machine with the establishment of a more efficient service system will reduce patient waiting times.

               CONSIS B is an Automated Dispensing Machine distributed by PT. Multi Sinar Adamar. The box-based drug picking process can be done in 7.5 seconds per box. This certainly can help the workers so that they can reduce workload, speed up service time and health workers can focus more on health services to patients. In essence, it is hoped that patients can be served well, increase patient satisfaction and ultimately increase revenue for the hospital.