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Pillpick™ Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

PillPick is a smart packaging, storage and dispensing system that easily integrates into your healthcare facility. As the most advanced automated solution, our technology optimizes the flow of medication from healthcare staff to patients. By rapidly and accurately portioning all types of medication into unit-dose (UD) bags – PillPick improves workflows, reduces waste and gives you more time to focus on care.

Benefits for Inpatient Pharmacy:

  • Handles most types of blisters, ampules and syringes.
  • Independent unit can work on cut-blister
  • Can trace each over the course of its lifetime
  • Avoids waste  by managing storage locations and expiry dates
  • High Storage Capacity, stocking over 50000 individual doses, improves space utilization
  • Adaptable – add packaging and dispensing features as your pharmacy grows

We care about medication dispensing

Right medication and dosage is essential for patients’ recovery. Increase patient safety  through the use  of labelled and traceable  unit doses bags for other forms of medication.

  • Preserve primary packaging of medications to ensure integrity and expiration date.
  • Easy integration into existing electronic prescription software (CPOE/HIS/PIS) for automatic dispense of the right therapy, bundling UDs with a plastic ring and patient label, ready to be safely administered.
  • Any returned-medicine can be re-stored in PillPick where inventory is updated in real time.
  • Ensure accuracy on therapy administration by using the unit dose medication dispensing system.


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