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SupplySMART Automated Supply Management System

SupplySMART Automated Supply Management System

How Much Loss does your hospital endure concerning medical supply consumption?

SupplySMART Automated Supply Management System is a practical and automated supply dispensing station that checks out medical supplies at usage location.

It enables optimization of the management processes of medical supplies warehouse and tracking of materials from warehouse to the wards and patient use, it improves the quality of patitent care and reduces costs of the hospital.

System Features

  • Medical supplies available on the ward can only be accessed by authorized personnel through BIO ID authentication.
  • Lighted Path illuminated guidance helps the user to find materials easily.
  • Touch-to-Take technology enables easy and fast access to necessary supplies.
  • Once a nurse takes a supply and removes it out of the system that item is dropped from the inventory and the patient is exclusively invoiced the material taken for himself/herself. Once the material is returned to the system, it is stocked again in the system and is deducted from the patient’s bill.
  • System sends an automatic request to the main warehouse for materials at minimum level or below that.
  • System calculates quantitative inventory cycle speed and optimizes inventory levels.
  • The SupplySMART configuration solution can be extended by adding auxiliary Suppy and CathTowers.

Solution that Create Value for all health professionals

STOCKART solutions offer an increase in the quality of healthcare, patient and employee satisfaction. They enable your institution to track, report and analyze all medical transactions and allow long-term planning. They offer you the opportunity to decrease your running costs without affecting the the quality of patient care, ultimately adding value to the healthcare sector and its professionals.

How do we relieve your worries concerning patient safety?

  • By having all kinds of necessary medical supplies available at the wards
  • By warning user with regard to visual warnings, products specific warning codes and expiry dates before taking a supply out to ensure patient safety
  • By enabling electronic monitoring of the cold chain medications

How do we facilitate employee satisfaction?

  • By defining kits to enable that several supplies can be taken from the system at a time
  • By ensuring that all kinds of necessary supplies are available at the wards
  • By sending automatic requests to the warehouse for materials at minimum level or below that
  • By relieving nurses from their duties concerning inventory management
  • By reducing the busy traffic of medical supplies dispensing from the warehouse to the wards
  • By submitting invoice and inventory operations simultaneously

How do we reduce your costs?

  • By including medical supply inventories of ward within secure access through BIO ID authentication
  • By improving security measures for the supplies required
  • By reducing waste supplies arising from dates
  • By enabling electronic monitoring of invoice processes and inventory management
  • By automating managements of returns
  • By including consignment, re-use and bill-only products within automatic supply management system
  • By automating the management of costs center products
  • By enabling cost management and charge capture


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