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Swisslog TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System

The system and the software offers powerful features to manage and maintain your pneumatic tube system with flexibility and efficiency.

TranspoNet presents customizable software modules that meet customers’ needs and requirements for optimized processes when using a modern pneumatic tube system. It provides:

- Powerful features to meet the needs for planned and spontaneous transportation: 

  • Optimization of pathways with intelligent alternate routing of the carriers, guaranteeing a higher transport frequency and a better workflow of planned transports during peak traffic hours.
  • 24/7 availability guarantees the transportation of goods even for spontane-ous needs during low-staffed shifts.   

- Several access features for increased security and safety.

  • Efficient timetable function provides: Priority settings for emergencies.
  • Absence and divert settings for the reccurrent absence of a department and/or diversion to another.
  • State-of-the-art RFID technology for unbroken traceability of transactions.
  • Integration with the Building Management System (BMS) for effective communication.

TranspoNet controls, visualizes, and monitors the pneumatic tube system in an intelligent and efficient way. It comprises the following software modules and options:
-  T-Control:

  • Mechanical and electrical control of the devices
  • System configuration
  • Access and timetable features
  • Group and conditions functions 
  • Carrier management
  • PowerLine 

- SuperVision 2.0:

  • user profiles and rights
  • System visualization
  • Report editing
  • Print module for reports and statistics

- ComCenter & NetClient:

  • Communication via voice message, SMS, or e-mail
  • NetClient information service
  • Connection with BMS 


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