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Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System


Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System - is a manual storage system for drugs and medical equipment that is effective, efficient, flexible and ergonomic. The Module-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System is suitable for storing drugs and medical equipment in pharmaceutical installations. Consisting of an ergonomic cabinet and basket accompanied by a divider for each basket that can be used flexibly to make it easier for pharmacists to organize drugs / medical equipment effectively, efficiently, flexibly and ergonomically.


Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System has dimensions of 60cm x 40cm x 195cm (landscape), 40cm x 60cm x 195 (portrait). There is a special design for narcotic / psychotropic drugs with sizes according to existing standards and can be designed with double doors and automatic or manual locks.


Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System is made of solid wood covered with vinyl. Bin / Tray made of ABS plastic that is not easily damaged or broken, able to withstand loads of up to 20kg-25kg per Bin / Tray.

Advantages of Using Mattteo Modul-iT ISO Modular Racking System:

  • Effective, efficient, flexible and ergonomic modular storage system,
  • Storage systems with modular bins (baskets), carts can be moved and used across all Mattteo products. Each basket can be divided into small compartments,
  • Competitive price, material from ABS plastic, with large storage capacity and save space,
  • The position of the basket can be arranged flat or tilted so that the FIFO system can run properly,
  • Can be used for storage of all types of products including drugs, medical devices and products of sterilization (CSSD),
  • Storage of drugs is neat, orderly so that it is easy to control and reduces losses due to damaged or expired drugs,
  • It makes it easy to monitor and replenish stocks precisely and quickly (Real time inventory control),
  • Dense and compact drug storage, thus creating free space that can be used for other purposes,
  • The resulting Free Space can reduce the stress level of employees. Employees do not need to make a lot of movement just for drug collection and monitoring
  • Clear labels and a neat regulatory system can reduce medication errors

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