PT Multi Sinar Adamar



Most flexible, powerful and accurate TPN compounder on the market.

The MIBMIX® compounder is a system for preparing, mixing and filling liquid medicinal substances (e. g. infusion solutions) in bottles, bags, syringes and other sterile containers.

Liquids can be taken from suitable reservoirs and filled in user-specified sequences into appropriate containers. The preparations should be made under controlled aseptic conditions.

Multifaceted applications:

  • Adult/Prescribed dosing
  • Neonatal dosing
  • Paediatric dosing
  • Filling of elastomeric pump devices
  • Filling of different syringes
  • Sterile filtration

Intelligent features:

  • 10 inch touch screen operating panel
  • Volumetric dosing of macro and micro ingredients with gravimetric control
  • Documented filling and weighing process 
  • Operate via barcode reader
  • High filling speed


  • Installations of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24 channels or even more
  • Plug and play operation for channels extension
  • Modular concept secures initial and follow up investments – grow with your demand – start with 4/6 channels and extend later.
  • Vertical and horizontal installation, adjusted to your laminar flow cabinet/isolator requirements
  • Dynamic channel setup:
    • adjustable channel setups, anytime you need
    • Variety of applicable perfusion syringe brands 
    • Easy positioning of 2 ml and 10 ml adapters for micro dose
    • Upgrade with 50 ml syringe TWIN HOLDER for 4 channels-module
  • Options of filling sequences
  • Gravimetric control, interface to various brand of high precision balances such as SARTORIUS, METTLER, TOLEDO, RADWAG
  • Connectivity:
    • Integrated USB and LAN interface
    • Software update via flash disk or remote support
    • Interface to different HIS/PIS to process orders.
  • Hands free operation using foot switch

Power and Solidity:

  • Highest filling speed in the market, simultaneous filling up of channels
  • Most powerful engines with over 500 N working force per channel and robust inner mechanics for non-stop operation.

Accuracy and Safety

  • Highest accuracy – input of 0.1 ml steps up to 9999.9 ml per channel
  • Documentation of relevant data, reports, and lables.
  • No undefined mixing and no backflow of ingredients
  • Lowest priming volumes
  • Standard colour coding on software and hardware level ensures correct connections 
  • Leakage guards with acoustic warning signal:
    • Prevent air intrusion to filling system
    • Automated detection of empty source containers
  • User login with security levels and audit trail

Advance features in preparation:

  • remote control for external support
  • container/batch management for better traceability
  • data matrix verification for more reliability

MIBMIX® defines new standard with FluiCheck:

  • More precision by monitoring channel volume
  • Faster flow rate during filling
  • Safer with automatic volume cross-check





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