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MIXI - Mixing and Infusion Bags

MiXi® - Mixing and Infusion Bags

MIB Mixing and Infusion Bags are made of high-quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material.

The bags are available in sizes from 50, 150, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5,000 ml. The access ports of the bags can be equipped with different connectors, so to make them compatible to our customers production process.

Available material

  •  high quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  •  UV-protected EVA
  •  multilayer EVA with integrated barrier against O2, CO2 and UV-light 

Available connectors

  •  different filling ports
  •  different administration ports 
  •  different drug injection ports
  •  different gravity filling sets

Available types

  •  single chamber
  •  two chamber
  •  three chamber
  •  multi chamber
  •  big pooling bags
  •  customized bags in all varieties 


FIND US in E-Catalogue

  1. Mixi 50P - 50ml
    AKL 20902022945
    E-Cat No : 3641006000-AK1-002259507

    E-Catalogue Mixi 50P
  2. Mixi 150P - 150ml
    AKL 20902022971
    E-Cat No : 3641006000-AK1-002241894
    E-Catalogue Mixi 150P
  3. Mixi 300P - 300ml
    AKL 20902022946
    E-Cat No : 3641006000-AK1-002258452
    E-Catalogue Mixi 300P
  4. Mixi 500P - 500ml
    AKL 20902022972
    E-Cat No : 3641006000-AK1-002258706
    E-Catalogue Mixi 500P
  5. Mixi 1000P - 1000ml
    AKL 20902022522
    E-Cat No : 3641006000-AK1-002260673
    E-Catalogue Mixi 1000P


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