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DualSMARTĀ® Automated Medication and Supply Management System

DualSMART® Automated Medication and Supply Management System


Would you like to Reduce Your Costs while facilitating patient and medication safety?

DualSMART®, brings together MedSMART® and SupplySMART® on a single platform and allows medication and supplies to be managed from a single station and a single touch screen.

It has all the features of MedSMART® and SupplySMART® and while supplies are managed with Take Return technology and medications are managed order-based.


System Features

Medications and supplies available at stations can only be accessed by authorized personnel through BIO ID authentication.

Lighted Path illuminated guidance helps the user to find materials easily.

For medication requiring high security, controlled access to unit dose is allowed while Touch-to-Take technology enables easy and fast access to necessary supplies.

Once a nurse takes the medication/supply and removes it out of the system that item is dropped from the inventory and the patient is exclusively invoiced for the medication/supply. Once the medication/supply is returned to the system, it is stocked again in the system and is deducted from the patient’s bill.

System automatically sends information to the pharmacy for the medication and main warehouse for the supply at or below minimum level. It supports cost control with electronic follow up and documentation.

System calculates quantitative inventory cycle speed and optimizes inventory levels.

The DualSMART® configuration solution can be extended by adding auxiliary Med, Supply and DualTowers. Each main station and the tower can be equipped with Med Doors, Supply Doors and Drawer Modules.

The variety of drawers in size and type gives DualSMART® the ability to manage different medications at different security levels.


Solutions that Create Value for all healthcare professionals

STOCKART® solutions offer an increase in the quality of healthcare, patient and employee satisfaction. They enable your institution to track,

report and analyze all medical transactions and allow long-term planning. They offer you the opportunity to decrease your running costs

without affecting the quality of patient care, ultimately adding value to the healthcare sector and its professionals.


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