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Consis Robotic System

CONSIS Robotic System

CONSIS robotic dispensers offer a tailor-made and highly efficient automation con-cept for your pharmacy. Whether you want to save time or gain space, CONSIS has the right solution for every situation.

Your pharmacy has staff, medicines and storage capacity. Utilise all of them in the best possible combination.

Consis B makes the storage and dispensing of medicines simple and efficient.

The cost-effective use of all resources is a key factor in the efficiency of your pharmacy. A CONSIS automation solution from Willach creates the optimum conditions to achieve this goal.

The Consis B robotic dispenser can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty. It uses very little space while providing maximum flexibility and performance. The first step is a clear analysis of the dispensing process in your pharmacy – the result will be improved efficiency, including smoother workflows and satisfied customers.


  • Consis B ensures maximum efficiency. The 80/20 principle means minimum investment for maximum efficiency. Prioritising the storage and dispensing of the fast moving medicines allows greater room for manoeuvre in the budget and flexibility with regard to the available space.
  • Consis B positions the dispensing points precisely where the dispensing path is. Up to eight dispensing points – of which six can be above head height – can be placed without restriction and allow for short transport paths via simple chutes. This avoids the need for elaborate conveyor equipment.
  • Consis B integrates perfectly into your pharmacy design. The Consis B is available in various colours with one or two-colour combinations. The choice of colours and materials for the front and side panels is almost limitless.
  • Consis B ensures speedy goods receipt. Entry of the medicines in the stock management system and stocking the CONSIS is done simultaneously from the same place. This saves a lot of moving about and time. The Optical Positioning System (OPS) means that stocking is fast, simple and safe.
  • Consis B is child’s play to operate. Consis B is equipped with a height-adjustable touch-screen monitor and a scanner. Its user-friendly software makes the Consis B simple to operate and it can be connected to your stock management system without difficulty.
  • Consis B is capable of fully automated labelling. Equipped with the Consis Labelmaster module, Consis B labels the medicines automatically. This ensures greater safety and considerable time saving.
  • Consis B is compact and  suitable for every pharmacy. The Consis B channel dispensers start from a footprint as small as 2 m². The intelligent design ensures a very high storage density. This saves space and allows for short dispensing paths.

Use Consis B – even when the power fails.

Be it a power failure or a computer crash, manually removing packages from the Consis B in an emergency is simple. Simply open the glass sliding door, remove the package – and you’re done.

Consis B is easy to fill.

Thanks to a sturdy pull-out step, it‘s even easy to reach the upper storage channels. Simply pull out the movable step with your foot and step on. Once you have finished stocking, the step will automatically close with just a gentle touch.

Willach Pharmacy Solutions.

The right prescription for every pharmacy. Willach is the market leader in Europe for medicine storage and dispensing equipment. With FAMA and CONSIS, Willach can provide whole system solutions for the conventional and fully automated storage of medicine packages, for any type of pharmacy, for any size of pharmacy. Willach undertakes all product development and production in Germany to assure the highest quality standards.



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