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TranspoNet Installation in Pertamedika IHC - RSOJ Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya

Apr 28, 22

Pertamedika IHC - Indonesia Healthcare Corporation is the biggest chain hospitals or healthcare group in Indonesia which managed by Government under BUMN (Badan Usaha MIlik Negara) - Pertamedika company. Although its owned by BUMN - Government, but the management using the private sector methods with following Good Corporate Governance as fundamental. They serve comprehensive and modern healthcare services using KARS (Komisi Akreditasi Rumah Sakit) standarization and supporting by professional healthcare team and high technology healthcare devices. Until now they have around 75 hospitals which located all around Indonesia.

One of the new hospital which just founded on 15th Februari 2022, is RSOJ Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya - Makassar. The hospital specialized for nervous system including brain, and cardiovascular system. To achieve the modernization and digitalization, one of the supporting devices that they installed is Swisslog - TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. Swisslog - TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System will help hospitals to distribute goods (for example : blood samples, medicines, etc) everywhere and anytime inside hospitals automatically. It will improve turn around time, increase productivity and efficientcy, increase the safety delivery materials, and reduce number of human transporter and waiting time. Swisslog - TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System will enhance the digitalization of healthcare services in Indonesia and will give good impact for hospitals electability in society. RSOJ Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya has proved it, so are you ready for next?


source : IHC Website

youtube : Company Profile RSOJ Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya