PT Multi Sinar Adamar

The Biggest Automated Dispensing Machine in Indonesia - RKZ Surabaya

Jan 14, 22

The Biggest Automated Dispensing Machine in Indonesia installed in Surabaya. Yes, in RSK St. Vincentius A Paulo or well-known as RKZ Surabaya. To reach centenary, RKZ vision is to become RKZ Digital. Electronic Prescribing was the one-off implemented system that have been done following the digitalization program. RKZ has looking for innovation development and at one time, RKZ together with PT. Multi Sinar Adamar doing 1 Pharmacy Automation Project. The purpose is to improve patients’ satisfaction by increasing the speed of services and reducing the dispensing errors. Consis B5 had implemented, is the biggest type and storage capacity. Drugs dispense from 1 prescription will be finished faster, immediately and Efficient through with 1 way process only by using Consis Robot Hand. RKZ use Consis for inpatient and outpatient pharmacy. Installation and integration process is one of the assimilations between Adamar and RKZ, made Consis working fine and well. Put the hope in front, never stop improve, Consis will always stay beside of Indonesia Hospitals Pharmacist. #LeanOnUs with Adamar