PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Technology for Optimum and Up to Date Floor Stock System in Hospital

Sep 06, 22

Regulation of the Minister of Health number 72 in the year of 2016 about Pharmaceutical Service Standards in Hospitals, one of the distribution systems for medicine, medical devices and Medical Consumables is the floor stock system. In practice, currently the floor stock system is being widely used again in overseas hospitals such as Singapore, Malaysia and others. This system is not fully implemented in every ward, it is used more in the ward that require speed in the patient handling process such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operating Theater (OT) and Emergency Room (IGD).

                    In Indonesia, the re-implementation of the floor stock system is still a pro and contra due to its advantages and disadvantages. This system will greatly help the service process in the ward to be faster, but for the Department of Pharmacy, this will make the process of managing and supervising pharmaceutical preparations more difficult.

                    PT. Multi Sinar Adamar provides a solution for this problem. The floor stock system in the hospital will be supported using the Stockart® Smart Cabinet product, which will assist in the floor stock system, so it can accelerate the patient service process in the wards. Each drug preparation process will go through a screening, verification and validation process by pharmacists through the hospital information system and software from the Stockart® Smart Cabinet itself, so that the safety aspect in the process of storing, dispensing and administering drugs to patients is guaranteed.