PT Multi Sinar Adamar

Reduce Cost with improving Evidence based Medicine in Covid-19 Era

Sep 16, 20

An interesting fact during the pandemic in the last 6 months (starting from January 2020) is that hospitals in the world are very focused on patient treatment, especially evidence-based medicine. It can be seen that from data 4 months ago (starting from March 2020) when Wolters Kluwer, provided free access to the UpToDate® clinical decision support system around the world for just 2 months, there was an increase in the number of users to more than 659,700.

       This proves that the whole world is focused on improving medical services based on existing data. In addition, hospitals have to start economizing. One thing that can be saved is that hospitals can reduce variations in treatment and accelerate patient recovery so that all operational costs and drug costs can be reduced and not become a burden during this pandemic, which is full of risks and changes that are very fast and uncertain. In fact, it is currently very difficult to make independent decisions in terms of diagnosis, choosing therapy, to monitoring therapy due to cases of COVID 19 infection.

       These changes were also followed by Wolters Kluwer's team of experts. In just 6 months, there have been changes and updates to treatment data related to the treatment of COVID 19, pneumonia and world-class cases, namely 459 updates to UpToDate® known as Clinical Decision Support System and 96 updates to LexiComp® known as Drug Database. Previously observed, only about 10-15 updates per month occurred, but the first half of 2020 is really moving and changing very fast. After giving 2 months of free access, it turns out that not all additional users have withdrawn from this, it is evident that around 77,480 users persist in using this and continue to provide input and discuss with the expert team from Wolters Kluwer.

        Clinicians said, as loyal users of UpToDate® that 84% of UpToDate® Pathways, changed their clinical decision, 71% stated that UpToDate® Pathways avoided cases of adverse drug effects, 74% stated that UpToDate® Pathways improved adherence and quality of parameters treatment, 78% said UpToDate® Pathways saved their time, 83% stated that UpToDate® Pathways reduced unnecessary medication, testing and procedures, 90% stated that UpToDate® Pathways confirmed their entire clinical decision.

        From that experience, it is evident that UpToDate® will help make medical certainty in this uncertain world for scientific evidence-based hospital medicine. What's more, the hospital can feel another pleasure, namely by increasing the combination with LexiComp®, the entire treatment process to drug therapy will be monitored and in accordance with scientific evidence. The team of health workers who are focused on treating patients, no longer bothered to take care of the choice of therapy or the effects or interactions that may occur in treatment. Let the world change directionless, but the Medical Services remain based on scientific evidence. Happy Health staff, service quality improves, patients recover quickly, hospitals can save money.