PT Multi Sinar Adamar

First Online Guiding - Installation of The Biggest Automated Dispensing Machine In Indonesia

Jan 17, 22

Covid 19 Pandemic is not stopping us to install the biggest automated dispensing machine in Indonesia, precisely in Surabaya. Divided in 3 teams with lead by 1 project coordinator. Installation, Software and Applicator teams were well collaborated to successful build Consis B5. This Germany machine,CONSIS, installed in Surabaya by PT. Multi Sinar Adamar which Online Guiding from Willach GmBh team. Using Camera, Tab devices, Headset and Laptop, this installation working fine even we founded some networking challenges. Testing and commissioning had been done by daring with special tools which prepared before installation started. This extraordinary installation will always be remembered in our mind – PT. Multi SInar Adamar. We just didn’t build, installed or switch on the machine, but we focus on our customer wish, RKZ Surabaya, to let this machine help their services. That’s become our energy source and focus, our customer could use the machine easily and got the benefit from Consis B5 which has capacity 16000 box or 700 – 1000 items. We learn from this valuable experience and we ready to install another machines for another hospitals in Indonesia. Call Us!