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TranspoNet is a pneumatic tube transport system from the world leader in hospital logistics. The external-mount design can be installed into virtually any architecture, making efficiency gains achievable and freeing up nursing staff to spend more time doing what you actually hired them for: spending quality time with patients who are trusting their health to your care.

Achieve interdepartmental transport.

Hospitals, labs and other departments can be spread out across a web of corridors or even across multiple buildings on a campus. Pneumatic tube systems guarantee fast, spontaneous and safe transport for every delivery, no matter how far – and with greater accuracy to boot. TranspoNet zips pharmaceuticals, blood and specimens, documents, surgical equipment, and other medical products up and down and all around at up to 8 m/sec (18 mph or 30 km/h). Or, set sensitive items gliding at a slower pace.

A positive ROI in three years or less.

If your staff is spending time walking medications, lab samples and paperwork around your facility, it’s probably time to consider an automated solution.

24/7 transport gets goods to their destination smoothly, efficiently, reliably and faster than staff can deliver on foot. An external-mount pneumatic tube system, TranspoNet is the efficient solution for automatic material movement around healthcare facilities.

PTS systems go above and beyond getting items to their destinations more quickly and securely, freeing up personnel to spend more time with patients, raising your facility’s level of care. As a result, efficiency gains are realized quickly and staff are eager to adopt the new system.



External-mount design can be retrofitted into existing buildings


Delivery right to your destination


Up to 8 m/s or 30 km/h


Running 24/7 with minimal maintenance


Various Stations to suit your needs


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Swisslog TranspoNet

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Swisslog TranspoNet

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Swisslog TranspoNet

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Swisslog TranspoNet

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Swisslog TranspoNet


TranspoNet PTS Overview




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