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Do you want to manage the stock of your expensive consumables in real time on item level with traceability up to the patient? Yes, you can!

Our i-CAB combined with our RFID TAGS glued onto the products and our iRIS communication software traces in real-time when a product is removed from the i-CAB, when products are supplied or when unused products are returned into the i-CAB.

In addition to this, the built-in Access Control Module only allows i-CAB access to authorised people. Our i-BIN on the other hand is doing the traceability of the products that are used for a patient during operation. The i-CAB is functioning with all type of products, but is most suitable for active and real-time stock management of expensive products like implants, stents, etc…. The i-CAB is equipped with ISO 6040 MODUL-iT modules for optimal storage and can be interfaced with the central stock system through our iRIS communication software.

In case your products aren’t RFID tagged by default, mattteo delivers and installs the i-CAB with an RFID print module for RFID TAGS. These RFID TAGS can be glued onto the products.

Thanks to our i-CAB, active and real-time stock management becomes a piece of cake.


Real-time stock management on item level (incl. product info, lot and serial number, exp date)

Real-time tracking of who supplies the i-CAB and who takes out/returns products

All product movements are connected to the right person


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Mattteo RFID i-CAB

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Mattteo RFID i-CAB


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