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MODUL-iT racks differ from other racks through their high flexibility and modularity. They are easy to install, create order and are space-saving. Our MODUL-iT modular racks are perfectly compatible with our RFID i-ROOM technology and therefore well suited to optimise the stock management in the departments.

MODUL-iT racks are available in 2 versions: epoxy coated steel and stainless steel. Our range includes both 40 cm wide and 60 cm wide racks. The modules are inserted into adjustable plastic module rails. The height of these rails can be adjusted every 68 mm without the use of any tools.
All module rails have a safety stop system, preventing the modules from falling on the floor when pulled out. Apart from horizontal rails, mattteo also has diagonally placed module supports for the upper part of the racks. That way, the modules are positioned in the racks at an angle of around 30 degrees in order to improve the visibility and accessibility of the stored products and to guarantee an automatic FIFO system.

The number of units per rack can be determined at choice. It suffices to connect two rack frames by means of 4 connection rods to make an additional unit. There are also connection sets to make double sections, in order to combine standard modular sections with wider sections for large shelves. The height of these shelves can be adjusted every 68 mm as well.


Space Saving

Easy Installation

High Flexibility and Modularity


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Mattteo MODUL-iT Racks

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Mattteo MODUL-iT Racks

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Mattteo MODUL-iT Racks

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Mattteo MODUL-iT Racks


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