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MIB Tubing Sets are designed for automated bag filling processes using MIBMIX® compounders. Hemedis also offers Transfer sets for gravity filling as well as a wide range of adapter and transfer leads to simplify filling procedures. All tubing sets, adapters and leads can be re-designed and equipped to the special needs of our customers.


MIB Tubing Sets are free of DEHP (diethylhexylphtalate) or other SVHC, latex

Adapted for automated compounding (e.g. for processing with MIBMIX® Compounders) as well as gravity filling

MIB Tubing Sets for MIBMIX® Compounders are

available for vertical and horizontal MIBMIX® Compounders

consistent with MIB filling bags

provided as complete sets of transfer leads, junction line and syringes

equipped with colour-coded leads for easy handling and positioning

equipped with pressure valves to prevent unwanted mixing of fluids during filling process


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MIB Tubing Sets

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MIB Tubing Sets


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