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Innovative and reliable mobile computing carts, point-of-care wall arms and wall cabinet workstations to meet the demands of 24/7 care.

Computing Workstations

Capsa Healthcare’s Computing Workstations & Medical Computer Carts offer an array of models and options for accessing mobile electronic health records at the point of care. Each model features light-weight construction, compact ergonomic design and large work surfaces to help you improve medical workflow efficiency. Boost the mobility of your EHR documentation software & the overall workflow of your medical facility with Capsa Healthcare.

Medication Computing Workstations

Capsa Healthcare’s Medication Computing Workstations combine compact design, organized storage, and premium security to ensure a safe and accurate medication control process at the point-of-care. Our medical computer carts are designed with mobility and ease-of-use in mind, so you can effortlessly gain access to the workstation or simply store it as necessary. Support hospital workflow. Streamline everyday activities. Elevate the performance of your medical facility’s IT program for the long-term with Capsa Healthcare.

Specialty Computing Workstations

Capsa Healthcare’s Specialty Computing Workstations offer configurations to meet specific department or workflow needs. From high-capacity medication carts, to fetal monitoring workstations, each product in this line is built to improve long-term medical workplace efficiency and increase flexibility in areas with limited space – without sacrificing security reliability, storage capacity or aesthetic appeal. Boost the proficiency of your medical facility at an affordable price with Capsa Healthcare.


In the world of telehealth, clear communication is crucial. You need to keep your communication strong whether discussing matters with a coworker at the other end of the hospital or a remote patient located miles away. Your team needs telehealth computing solutions and telemedicine equipment that you can rely on for the long-run. From basic platforms, to those with enhanced functionality for clinical diagnosis and monitoring, Capsa Healthcare’s telehealth devices are simple, versatile and accommodating for integrating peripheral devices. Explore your options below.

Wall Arm Workstations

Capsa Healthcare offers a wide selection of monitor arm and wall mount solutions for hospitals, medical offices, and extended care environments. Each wall arm workstation and computer monitor arm is fully configurable and designed for maximum range of motion. Enjoy greater hardware flexibility, mobility and efficiency with Capsa Healthcare.

Wall Cabinet Workstations

Designed to provide modern aesthetics and best-in-class performance, our point-of-care wall cabinet medical workstations feature an advanced keyless entry system, exceptional serviceability and discreet design for seamless implementation. Each product in this series is an ideal solution for clinical documentation in patient rooms and hallways.